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Listing policy

During the incorporation of a limited company, each company has to make all business details available due to the Companies Act, and this includes all information about directors, accounts and any registration details. All of this data is then be used to generate the published records that you see on our websites.
These records are publicly available from The Registrar of Companies, and in some cases The Registry Trust and also from other company data websites.
Information about limited companies is not subject to the Data Protection Act. There are no legal requirements relating to limited company data protection.
Also no authorisation or permission is required when publishing data on limited companies.

The information about the limited companies is not subject to the Data Protection Act, therefore this data can be freely published, as there aren’t any restrictions relating to its handling.

The only way to avoid the disclosure of information about a company and its directors is to remove this information from the source, i.e. Companies House. The deletion of records or any changes from Companies House will be updated on our website automatically within a few weeks.