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Where does the data on this website come from?

Information about companies / directors published here is taken from the publicly available records of Companies House and other freely accessible websites. Full company details are published in accordance to our Listing Policy and Companies Act.

Why do you publish information about me or my company?

There are no restrictions on the disclosure of such information. This data is freely available at many portals, including credit reference agencies, business directories and from Companies House.

How do I add / change / adjust my data?

The data published here is taken from Companies House and any additions / changes must be made there. Our website is not authorized to modify these official records.

Can the information about my company be removed?

No, it cannot. The information about companies and directors is obtained from publicly available records at Companies House, etc. All this information is published in accordance with our Listing Policy Act and the Companies Act.

Although we donĀ“t mind hiding or removing certain details (see below), we are unable to remove any records without exception. The purpose of CompaniesList.co.uk is transparency. We enable our visitors to perform due diligence and make sure that people dealing with them are those who they say they really are. Hiding this information would reduce the credibility of our portal. We understand that many people have concerns about the publication of business details on this website, however this is publically available data, and therefore its removal cannot be legally enforced.

Can you prevent the displaying of information about my company or any person on Google?

Yes. We can delete records on companies and directors from search-engines like Google, by adding non-index tags to the pages. This is to prevent Google from searching for your webpage when browsing the Internet and therefore the page will not appear in the search results when similar or related keywords are entered. If you are wish to request a removal from search-engines, please use the Request Form and make sure that you have entered the identification number of the company or its director. This act cannot be carried out without specifying the correct ID.

Can you remove / hide my address and date of birth?

No. We publish only the year of birth and that cannot be removed in order to distinguish the Directors. If your home address is displayed, it is because you have it listed as public data at Companies House and our website is not authorised to modify this official data. If you hold any active appointments, Companies House will allow you to file a service address to Prevent Disclosure of your home address. You have to fill in the form CH01 directly at Companies House. Changes on our site will automatically take effect in a few weeks.

What about data protection?

Limited companies and information about their directors are not subject to protection under the Data Protection Act.

How to contact us?

Use contact form on this page.