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If you find an error or inaccuracy, please contact us and we will investigate it according to its priority. We check and repair all mistakes as soon as possible. Before contacting us, please check that the information provided by Companies House is correct. Most of the errors on our site come from the original source, i.e. Companies House, and we are not authorised to edit this information. However, it may happen that the information provided on our website is incorrect, although it appears to be right at Companies House and in this case it is probably a technical error and we will be happy to receive such information from you. Please be aware that any changes made at Companies House may take up to 30 working days to appear on our website.

Do you require the removal of company information or of data about its directors?

All data provided at CompaniesList.co.uk is publicly available in accordance with our Listing Policy. You can find more information in the FAQ. Data about limited companies and directors comes from official sources published on freely accessible websites / domains / portals. Although we cannot remove any company data, we understand that you may have concerns about certain records published on CompaniesList.co.uk.

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